How can I save on my energy bill?


You may have already switched to another energy supplier to save on your energy bill. But can you save even more? Yes, you can with the SEM-1000. With the SEM-1000 you can measure all your devices in your house how much it consumes and how much it will cost you annually.

Did you know that you can save up to 50% on your energy bill, if you no longer put your devices in standby mode?


But how does it work?

Normally you need a separate energy meter to measure the power of a household appliance. This energy meter can measure one device at a time and you must place this meter between the power outlet and the device to be measured.

But with the SEM-1000 this can be much simpler and you don't have to buy a separate energy meter. It actually works very simply. The smart meter of the network operator sends data via the P1 port to the SEM-1000. The meter readings for gas and electricity are refreshed every 10 seconds and the SEM-1000 can determine what the current consumption is based on this.

For example, if you turn the TV on or off, you will see the effect in the real-time graph almost immediately. The graph shows the current power before and after switching on the television and the difference is the power of the TV. This way you can also determine the power when the TV is in standby.

The main issue here is devices that are on standby, of which you have no idea that these are the most hidden energy suckers. A device can use 1 to 25 watts in standby. That may not seem that much, but if you add all the devices together, you will feel it in your wallet. With the SEM-1000 you can easily save up to 50% on your energy bill. My average energy consumption dropped from 150 watts to 100 watts.


SEM-1000 (Smart Energy Manager for Smart Meter)


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