How can I see if my refrigerator is economical?


Refrigerators are available with an energy rating from A+++ to D. A+++ is the most economical and D the least. According to the consumer association, a refrigerator with the energy rating A+++ consumes 163kWh per year, an A++ rating 244 kWh consumes per year and A+ rating consumes 311 kWh per year. If you have a refrigerator with energy rating A, B, C or D, the consumption is even higher.

Lets get back to the question whether you can see if your refrigerator is economical, you have to compare your actual consumption to see if it matches the energy rating. If your consumption is higher than what is stated on the energy label, it is possible that you use the refrigerator more often than usual. In other words, how often are new food and drinks replenished. For example, it takes energy to cool new bottles of soda and a six-pack of beer from room temperature to 5 degrees Celsius. If you refill your refrigerator often, the refrigerator must work longer and this results in a higher Duty Cycle value. If you have a large family, then the number of family members has a certain influence on the consumption.


SEM-1000 (Smart Energy Manager for Smart Meter)

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