You may have already switched to another energy supplier to save on your energy bill. But can you save even more? Yes, you can with the SEM-1000. With the SEM-1000 you can measure all your devices in your house how much it consumes and how much it will cost you annually.

Did you know that you can save up to 50% on your energy bill, if you no longer put your devices in standby mode?



The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is not new, it is just a name for something that electrical engineers and IT guys have been doing for years. All what is new is more wireless devices and more different types of protocols for wireless communication, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular 3G / 4G (LTE) / 5G, Zigbee, Z-Wave, RFID, LTE-M, EC GSM, NB-IoT, MIOTY, LoRa en SigFox. But yes, IoT is currently very attractive, because millions of IoT devices are already in use in the world and in the coming years it will only get more. You can find it in your thermostat, lighting, wireless switches, roller shutters / blinds, refrigerator, washing machine, coffee maker, etc. All these devices can be connected to each other in a wireless network, hence the name IoT. And all these devices can be controlled by one device, your mobile phone.


What about security?

Well, that's a big problem right now. When you watch the news, you increasingly see and hear that the IoT devices are not well protected. 80% of the companies that design the IoT devices have a lack of good staff who can achieve security for IoT devices. Even if they have skilled staff, time and money would be the factor that stops them from building security on their devices. Because selling now is better than try to fix it in the future afterwards. But the truth is, that IoT devices cannot be restored in the future if security is not taken seriously in the design from the beginning. Why? If the hardware is not selected correctly and the chosen hardware is not suitable for security, it is impossible to correct this with a firmware update. And if a remote firmware update is not built into the initial design, it is completely impossible to add a security layer to the device.


Three Layer Security (3LS) is the solution

That is why Qubidia has devised an innovative design for this problem, namely the Three Layer Security or simply 3LS.


Refrigerators are available with an energy rating from A+++ to D. A+++ is the most economical and D the least. According to the consumer association, a refrigerator with the energy rating A+++ consumes 163kWh per year, an A++ rating 244 kWh consumes per year and A+ rating consumes 311 kWh per year. If you have a refrigerator with energy rating A, B, C or D, the consumption is even higher.


But first, how does a refrigerator work?

The refrigerator is regularly switched on and off. With old refrigerators you can hear very clearly when the refrigerator switches on and off. What you hear is a pump to compress gas, after which the gas is then released. The process of releasing gas causes it to get cold. This cold gas is led through narrow pipes through the fridge along the walls to cool your fridge. This gas then returns to the pump to compress that gas again. This cycle repeats itself endlessly.


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