Qubidia is a company that designs, develops and manufactures devices for home automation and stands for innovation, simplicity, comfort, durability and privacy. These products are made for people at home or at work who want to make their lives a lot easier. Qubidia also strives to raise energy awareness and will therefore make efforts to develop sustainable devices that are energy efficient. Privacy is very important to many people nowadays and to realize this, Qubidia will do everything it can to ensure that all devices are protected. That is why all Qubidia devices are protected against data theft and hackers from the start of the company.

Qubidia is founded by Duy Quoc Nguyen. Duy is pronounced as Juy and Nguyen is also not easy to pronounce but is very similar to Wing, or pronouncing the last name as you would read it is also fine. They called him Quoc and are pronounced the way you would read it. In April 2019, he registered his company at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and prepared for entrepreneurship.


What is his background?
At a very young age, around ten years old, he had an enormous interest in electronics and already built simple electronic circuits. He went to a technical school and studied electrical engineering at the preparatory vocational school (VBO), which is now called VMBO. Then entered secondary vocational education (MBO) and obtained an electrical engineering diploma in telematics. During the education at MBO school he was introduced to programming software for the first time and thought: "Hey, this is fun too". He soon borrowed books from the library on various programming languages and made various simple programs. In 1995 he started pioneering with this and brought electronics and informatics together. He soon made a simple voltmeter on his computer. After having worked for many years at various employers, he decided to follow an HBO evening course in Computer Science. After having attended 4 years of evening classes, and also a lot of hobbies at home, he successfully completed the bachelor's degree and in 2009 he can call himself an engineer. Since then he has worked for various employers as a software engineer, business consultant and business analyst. He has now turned 40 and is now up to the next challenge. And that is entrepreneurship.



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Any other interests?
In addition to his hobby in electronics and computer science, he thinks a lot about scientific theories. He is very curious about how the universe originated and how DNA is the building block for creating plants, animals and people. He sees that DNA has many similarities with a program code in a computer, but DNA is much more advanced than current operating software. Whether we can match this in the future seems to him a very difficult task to achieve. But the question is actually whether that is responsible from an ethical point of view. In line with this, he is very spiritual, believes in God / Source and wonders what the meaning of all existential life on earth is. As a teenager he is already thinking about this and later on he has a theory about the origin of the universe and life.




What does he find important?

He believes that everyone has the right to have a good life and that people should be able to live together in harmony. He despises war and the situation we are currently in (he refers to how the world politics and economy is doing now). Money is not important to him, but in today's society money is important. The question is not whether money is important, but how much do you really need? Just like everyone else, he has to work to maintain himself. He is not out to get super rich. He prefers to enjoy his work, but he thinks the work should be rewarded fairly. He believes privacy is very important and has therefore already started to protect all devices against data theft and hackers, even before he has started his business. He has been working on this complex project for years and now he thinks he has found a way to realize it. He is already thinking of sharing his knowledge and is therefore going to share his experiences on this site in the form of blogs. His work may be made available as open source. He is also already thinking of setting up a cooperative of entrepreneurs, but further research is needed on how to achieve this. Later he will write this in a blog and interested parties can contribute and participate.





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